Residential Privacy Window Film Installation in Portland

Decorative Window Film takes your windows beyond just being an avenue for natural light. Add style, personality, and privacy to your home without having to replace any glass. You can enhance the look of front doors, atriums, garden windows, and the master bath at a fraction of the expense of replacing the existing glass with etched or frosted glass. Best of all, if you get tired of your windows, just replace the film instead of buying new windows! 

Easy, Fast, and Cost-Effective Installation

Various glass products are used to decorate the standard glass. Processes such as cutting, etching, texturing, and sandblasting are common in creating custom designs to increase privacy and enhance the look of glass. However, these processes are labor-intensive and may not be viable in space partitioning projects. Considering the time, effort, and money that might go into the replacement of standard glass, the decorative privacy window film meets most building owners’ needs at only a fraction of the cost for replacement.

The entire process of designing and installing the privacy film also takes a shorter time in comparison to ordering an etched or textured glass. Additionally, it is much easier to remove decorative film in case there is a need to change the design or type of film. The application possibilities are endless! For example, frosted privacy window films can be used on shower doors and bathroom windows to block the view of the space. It can also be used on kitchen cabinets and glass railings, just to name a few. We would love to show you the countless ways that you can enhance your home today!

Residential Privacy Window Film Portland Oregon
Dusted Crystal
This film is a premium, 2-mil (50 microns) cast vinyl with an etched look added.
Residential Privacy Window Film Installation Portland Oregon
White Frost. Ideal for obscuring direct visibility and allows excellent light transmission.
Best Privacy Window Film For Home in Portland Oregon
Shimera. Fine etch window film creates an etched glass appearance very similar to Dusted Crystal.

Best Privacy Window Film For Home

One Way Privacy Window Film is another option for those who wish to maintain their view from inside their home. One way mirror film uses the phenomenon of swinging light. It shows the image like a mirror on one side and keeps the glass transparency on the other side. This allows you to see without being seen. 

One Way Privacy Window Film For Home In Portland Oregon
IMG 0339 1 Optivision Reflective 15

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