Residential Security Window Film Installation, Portland

Your home is more than just a place for possessions. Keeping your family and home safe is extremely important. Our home security window film is specially designed to hold shattered glass in place, Security Film does more than just protect you and your family from flying shards of glass.

It provides a deterrent against earthquakes, storm damage, burglary, and most importantly, it gives you peace of mind. These films are also optically clear, so you won’t have any change in the appearance of your windows. Security Films are a less expensive and less disruptive way to protect your family from these many dangers.

Almost 70% of all burglaries involve forced entry through a window or door. 

It takes mere seconds for a burglar to smash through a standard glass door or window and ransack your house. Virtually invisible to the eye, Security Film is applied to the inside of your existing glass doors and windows. This film creates a potentially lifesaving barrier when under attack, delaying entry so you have time to escape, call 911, or allow the police to respond.

Affordable and easy to maintain, residential security film typically takes less than a day to install. Additionally, we include a limited Lifetime Warranty for every residential install.

We are the Portland area’s first choice in commercial and residential security window film installation!

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Residential Security Window Film Installation Portland Oregon