Commercial Security Window Film Installation in Portland

Security Window Films are uniquely designed to be tear and penetration resistant thus effectively preventing break-ins. Since the window films hold the glass in place, criminals are not able to easily break it and enter the property. In such cases, the only thing that needs to be replaced is the window, with the property inside remaining undamaged and not exposed to theft. In today’s world, most commercial spaces are built using tempered glass.

This is by design since tempered glass is far less likely to break into large shards of glass that could potentially severely injure or kill someone. While this can serve as protection, it also makes it very easy for burglars or other intruders. That’s why we recommend installing Security Film in your commercial space! Possessing an extremely sturdy microstructure, Security Film reduces the hazard of broken glass by keeping the shattered pieces together. 

Commercial Security Window Film Installation Portland Oregon


The selection of the best safety and security window film for a building depends primarily on the type and location of the glass. In addition, the required level of security against forced entry will help determine what is needed. These films are categorized by the level of protection they provide and when applied, are bonded securely to the window making entry extremely difficult. Most applications will not require more than 4-8 mil thick although there are Security Films on the market up to 14 mils thick. We offer both clear and tinted options for those that would like to control solar heat gain as well.

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